Summertime Hoochie Daddy Short Outfits

Hoochie daddy season is in full effect and boy, we didn’t know how much we appreciate hoochie daddy shorts. Hoochie daddy shorts are the latest fashion trend and social media craze taking over our feeds. And we couldn’t be happier. Hoochie daddy shorts are shorts above the knee that show off a man’s thighs and calves. While short shorts on men didn’t originate in 2022 (Twitter users have been sharing images from the 80s that show men rocking their short shorts), the term “hoochie daddy” makes it so much better.


How to spot Hoochie Daddy Shorts

  • The key is THE THIGH. The thigh must be 64% visible in order to count.
  • The bottom of the shorts might have a cuff that’s sewn for that streamlined look.
  • The material is usually a nice cotton or poly-blend — tiny basketball shorts and the cotton ones y’all wear to the gym DO NOT COUNT.
  • Usually a bright and summery color or a fun print, oftentimes will be part of a matching set.
  • The fit is also important, it’s a snug fit. Loose enough so you can move but tight enough so we can all see ass and THIGHS.
  • Can be accompanied by thigh tattoos, moisturized skin, a scar or two, locs, and a killer smile to elevate the look.
  • Bonus if you throw ass while in the shorts and accept tips at the function BUT not a necessity.


HYFOL made some Hoochie Daddy Shorts for us this szn!

Look 1



Look 2


Look 3


Look 4




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