Coustomize Your T-Shirt

Order in bulk online. We print in full colour and ship to you.

What Will You Create?

We love seeing what you make so please tag us when your products arrive.

You can design on your phone and we'll print what you see on screen in full colour. It's easy :)

Custom Printed Plothing

Add your design to a huge range of quality products

Full Colour, Photo Quality And Strong Designs.

Our world-class designers team will be able to create and customize your graphics to meet your demand.

Your will feel empowered and inspired to wear on some creative and beautiful designs that speak for you.


Your Custom T-Shirt FAQS

How Do I Create A Custom T-Shirt?

Just pick one essential products from the website,and send in your design or your design ideas via

your will qet a qoute once you let us know the quantity required.

What’s The Minimum Order For Custom T-Shirts?

We do have minimum number requirement of 10 pieces at a time in order to produce more efficiently . Bulk discounts will be offered depending on your order quantity.

How will the service be charged?

-We do charge $35 for a one-time design upon receiving your request. A few adjustments are allowed.

The design fee is non-refundable unless an order of >50 pcs is placed.

-Also, we offer different tiers of discounts based on your order quantity.

Buy 10-20 pcs, get 25% off

Buy 21-49 pcs, get 30% off

Buy 50-99 pcs, get 35% off

Buy 100+ pcs, get 40% off

When Will I Receive My Custom Clothing?

Designs will be ready within 3 working days for you to decide. we can alternaate the designs regardingly . Once the designs are fixed and your order payment received, we will inform you the estimated production and shipping time needed according to order quantity and your shipping countries.

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