22 Feb Blog- 2022 How you become new with Hyfol
HYFOL 2022 Fashion trends That Will “Actually” Make You Want To Wear Real Clothes Again
“New Year, new you”? Get ready to include new Hyfol apparel in the mix. HyFol happy to introduce men’s fashion in 2022 has an optimistic outlook. HyFol turning to your closets to see happy colours and playful patterns, and this year’s trends understood the assignment. Are you ready to reconnect with the outside world but your current wardrobe isn’t cutting it?
Spring/Beach Special
Hawaiian Style
The summer season is about getting away from it all. This year, the global pandemic may not allow us to cross all the world’s borders, but Hyfol is on hand to whisk you away to paradise destinations, starting with Hawaii-style. Make no mistake, this legendary print — star of the ’90s — is no longer the preserve of surfers. In fact, it’s taking over (almost) all the items in your wardrobes.
What’s going on with the world? After a year spent in jogging pants and pajamas, suddenly everything has been turned upside down, as all manner of the most uncool apparel and accessories from fashion past comes hurtling back to the forefront of the scene. After Crocs, bucket hats and shiny gold chains, next in line comes a pattern that was once the butt of much criticism in the fashion world: Hawaiian print. Yes, it’s making a comeback, and not just for surfers.
Hyfol prepares several designs to make your springs special with Hawaiian Style Botton-up Short Sleeve Shirt and Hawaiian Style Shorts Summer Holiday . Choose the best designs because Hyfol make the designs which all fits your lifestyle on this spring.