Top 4 Male Fashion Trend That Ruled 2021
HENNESSY, HONG KONG / LOS ANGELES, CA / January 13th, 2022 / As pandemic continues, the style of people's living and working keeps evolving. The athleisure fashion trend has becoming.more and more obvious around the world. Hyfol, a popular young brand that provides quality outwears and gears to world travelers and enthusiastic explorers, has announced their top 4 fashion styles among their collection.
Top #1: 100% cotton graphic hoodies
Hoodie is a must-have item for young and trendy people to complete their daily casual look. Hyfol hoodie kept its strong upward trend in the year of 2021. One of the hottest sold are our 100% cotton graphic hoodie. @greggavedon matched his Hyfol essential armband hoodie with a retro short while @ivantruewizard and his hip pop gang showed much love for the skeleton hoodie.
Top #2: Patriotic Long Sleeve Shirts
“Hyfol shirts are skin-friendly and versatile.” That's how their loyal customers would comment. In this season, Hyfol designed a series of patriotic graphic shirts, which is popular among KOLs. Shirts are the most basic item no matter you are at work or on the way to gym.
Top #3: Bomber Wind-proof Jackets
Bomber wind-proof jackets satisfies you with good quality and functionality. Apricot jacket goes well with white and black, completing your fashion look with lively vibe in the winter.
Top #4: Cargo Pants
One of Hyfol customers' favorite is classic cargo pants. @ccasperer matched cargo pants with a pair of boots in gym, giving it an effortless military-inspired edge.
Hyfol is much more than a maker of clothing. Founded in 2020, Hyfol aims to to inspire and equip people to endure freedom, work together and make the world better.
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Joanna Guo
Source: Hyfol